From a modest addition or re-modeling project to a major renovation to a complete “from scratch” design and set of plans, ZANDO Designs can accommodate projects of all sizes. Available on either an hourly fee basis, or in conjunction with a complete design/build package, Libby Zando works closely and personally with every client. Drawing on her love of art and antiques, her innate sense of space and design, and practical “hands-on” personal experience, Libby creates designs that are both innovative and practical, deftly combining the client’s preferences and tastes with the realities and requirements of a given site or existing structure. An antique cabinet converted to a bathroom vanity or a discarded decorative window incorporated into a renovated front porch are typical hallmarks of Libby’s work. When necessary, Libby retains the services of a local structured engineer to advise on the feasibility of proposed designs, especially when considering major changes in existing older structures.


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